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One skilled in making poetry; one who has a particular genius for metrical composition; the author of a poem; an imaginative thinker or writer.

  1. A writer of poems.
  2. One who is especially gifted in the perception and expression of the beautiful or lyrical: "[the naturalist John Burroughs] was the bard of the bird feeder, the poet of the small and homey” ( Bill McKibben).

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ഭവിനന്‍ - Bhavinan‍ ;നാവലന്‍ - Naavalan‍ | Navalan‍ ;കാവ്യകാരന്‍ - Kaavyakaaran‍ | Kavyakaran‍ ;പദ്യകാരന്‍ - Padhyakaaran‍ | Padhyakaran‍ ;പദ്യകൃത്ത് - Padhyakruththu | Padhyakruthu ;കവിഭാവനയുള്ളയാള്‍ - Kavibhaavanayullayaal‍ | Kavibhavanayullayal‍ ;

അഭീകന്‍ - Abheekan‍ ;കവി - Kavi ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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