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A good or evil spirit, or demon, supposed by the ancients to preside over a man's destiny in life; a tutelary deity; a supernatural being; a spirit, good or bad. Cf. Jinnee.

  1. Extraordinary intellectual and creative power.
  2. A person of extraordinary intellect and talent: "One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius” ( Simone de Beauvoir).
  3. A person who has an exceptionally high intelligence quotient, typically above 140.
  4. A strong natural talent, aptitude, or inclination: has a genius for choosing the right words.
  5. One who has such a talent or inclination: a genius at diplomacy.
  6. The prevailing spirit or distinctive character, as of a place, a person, or an era: the genius of Elizabethan England.
  7. Roman Mythology A tutelary deity or guardian spirit of a person or place.
  8. A person who has great influence over another.
  9. A jinni in Muslim mythology.

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× ഉത്‌കൃഷ്‌ടബുദ്ധി - Uthkrushdabuddhi | Uthkrushdabudhi
× നിർമ്മാണശക്തി - Nirmmaanashakthi | Nirmmanashakthi
× പ്രതിഭാശാലി - Prathibhaashaali | Prathibhashali
× പ്രതിഭ - Prathibha
× ഭാവനാപരവും സര്‍ഗ്ഗാതമകവുമായ - Bhaavanaaparavum Sar‍ggaathamakavumaaya | Bhavanaparavum Sar‍ggathamakavumaya
× ശക്തിവിശേഷമുള്ളയാള്‍ - Shakthivisheshamullayaal‍ | Shakthivisheshamullayal‍
× ഉജ്ജ്വല കലാവാസന - Ujjvala Kalaavaasana | Ujjvala Kalavasana
× നിര്‍മ്മാണശക്തി - Nir‍mmaanashakthi | Nir‍mmanashakthi
× അസാമാന്യധിഷണാപാടവം - Asaamaanyadhishanaapaadavam | Asamanyadhishanapadavam
× സ്വാഭാവിക പ്രവണത - Svaabhaavika Pravanatha | swabhavika Pravanatha
× ഉജ്ജ്വലകലാവാസന - Ujjvalakalaavaasana | Ujjvalakalavasana


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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