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To stretch; to extend; hence, to lay out, as a dead body.

  1. A line, mark, smear, or band differentiated by color or texture from its surroundings.
  2. An inherent, often contrasting quality: "There was a streak of wildness in him” ( Olga Carlisle).
  3. A ray or flash of light: the first streaks of dawn; a streak of lightning.
  4. Informal A brief run or stretch, as of luck.
  5. Informal An unbroken series, as of wins or losses.
  6. Mineralogy The color of the fine powder produced when a mineral is rubbed against a hard surface. Used as a distinguishing characteristic.
  7. Botany Any of various viral diseases of plants characterized by the appearance of discolored stripes on the leaves or stems.
  8. Microbiology A bacterial culture inoculated by drawing a bacteria-laden needle across the surface of a solid culture medium.
  9. To mark with streaks: rain streaking the pavement.
  10. To lighten (strands of hair) with a chemical preparation.
  11. Microbiology To inoculate in order to produce a streak.
  12. To form streaks.
  13. To be or become streaked.
  14. To move at high speed; rush.
  15. To run naked in public, especially as a prank.

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× പൊതുസ്ഥലത്തുകൂടിയുളള നഗ്നയോട്ടംവരകീറുക - Pothusthalaththukoodiyulala Nagnayottamvarakeeruka | Pothusthalathukoodiyulala Nagnayottamvarakeeruka
× ലോഹങ്ങളുടെ മാറ്റ്‌ - Lohangalude Maattu | Lohangalude Mattu
× ലോഹങ്ങളുടെ മാറ്റ്‌ - Lohangalude Maattu | Lohangalude Mattu
× സ്വഭാവത്തിലെ ഭീരുത്തഘടകം - Svabhaavaththile Bheeruththaghadakam | swabhavathile Bheeruthaghadakam
× വളരെ വേഗത്തിൽ നിർത്താതെ പറയുക - Valare Vegaththil Nirththaathe Parayuka | Valare Vegathil Nirthathe Parayuka
× മാല - Maala | Mala
× ലേഖ - Lekha
× നഗ്നമായി ജനമദ്ധ്യത്തിലൂടെ ഓടുക - Nagnamaayi Janamaddhyaththiloode Oduka | Nagnamayi Janamadhyathiloode Oduka
× രേഖ - Rekha
× രാജി - Raaji | Raji
× കിരണം - Kiranam
× പ്രവണത - Pravanatha
× വരയിടുക - Varayiduka
× മിന്നല്‍ വേഗത്തില്‍ പായുക - Minnal‍ Vegaththil‍ Paayuka | Minnal‍ Vegathil‍ Payuka
× വര - Vara
× കരയിടുക - Karayiduka
× നാനാവർണ്ണമാക്കുക - Naanaavarnnamaakkuka | Nanavarnnamakkuka
× കര - Kara
× നാനാവര്‍ണ്ണമാക്കുക - Naanaavar‍nnamaakkuka | Nanavar‍nnamakkuka
× പൊളി - Poli


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