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The prepared leaves of a shrub, or small tree (Thea, or Camellia, Chinensis). The shrub is a native of China, but has been introduced to some extent into some other countries.

  1. An eastern Asian evergreen shrub or small tree (Camellia sinensis) having fragrant, nodding, cup-shaped white flowers and glossy leaves.
  2. The young, dried leaves of this plant, prepared by various processes and used to make a hot beverage.
  3. An aromatic, slightly bitter beverage made by steeping tea leaves in boiling water.
  4. Any of various beverages, made as by steeping the leaves of certain plants or by extracting an infusion especially from beef.
  5. Any of various plants having leaves used to make a tealike beverage.
  6. A tea rose.
  7. Chiefly British An afternoon refreshment consisting usually of sandwiches and cakes served with tea.
  8. Chiefly British High tea.
  9. An afternoon reception or social gathering at which tea is served.
  10. Slang Marijuana.

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× ചായ കുടിക്കുക - Chaaya Kudikkuka | Chaya Kudikkuka
× ചൈനം - Chainam
× ചായച്ചെടി - Chaayachedi | Chayachedi
× ചായ - Chaaya | Chaya
× തേയില - Theyila
× ചായയില - Chaayayila | Chayayila


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