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A large tree, the Artocarpus integrifolia, common in the East Indies, closely allied to the breadfruit, from which it differs in having its leaves entire. The fruit is of great size, weighing from thirty to forty pounds, and through its soft fibrous matter are scattered the seeds, which are roasted and eaten. The wood is of a yellow color, fine grain, and rather heavy, and is much used in cabinetwork. It is also used for dyeing a brilliant yellow.

  1. Informal A man; a fellow.
  2. One who does odd or heavy jobs; a laborer.
  3. One who works in a specified manual trade. Often used in combination: a lumberjack; a steeplejack.
  4. A sailor; a tar.
  5. Games A playing card showing the figure of a servant or soldier and ranking below a queen. Also called knave.
  6. Games A game played with a set of small six-pointed metal pieces and a small ball, the object being to pick up the pieces in various combinations.
  7. Games One of the metal pieces so used.
  8. Sports A pin used in some games of bowling.
  9. A usually portable device for raising heavy objects by means of force applied with a lever, screw, or hydraulic press.
  10. A wooden wedge for cleaving rock.
  11. A device used for turning a spit.
  12. Nautical A support or brace, especially the iron crosstree on a topgallant masthead.
  13. Nautical A small flag flown at the bow of a ship, usually to indicate nationality.
  14. The male of certain animals, especially the ass.
  15. Any of several food and game fishes of the family Carangidae, found in tropical and temperate seas.
  16. A jackrabbit.
  17. A socket that accepts a plug at one end and attaches to electric circuitry at the other.
  18. Slang Money.
  19. Applejack.
  20. Slang A small or worthless amount: You don't know jack about that.
  21. To hunt or fish for with a jacklight: hunters illegally jacking deer.
  22. To move or hoist by or as if by using a jack: jacked the rear of the car to replace the tire.
  23. To raise (something) to a higher level, as in cost: "Foreign producers jacked up the price on some steels by over 100%” ( Forbes).
  24. Baseball To hit (a pitched ball) hard, especially for a home run.
  25. To hunt or fish for quarry by using a jacklight.
  26. jack off Vulgar Slang To masturbate.

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× വണ്ടികളും മറ്റും നിലത്തുനിന്ന് പൊക്കുവാനുള്ള ഉപകരണം (ജാക്കി) - Vandikalum Mattum Nilaththuninnu Pokkuvaanulla Upakaranam (jaakki) | Vandikalum Mattum Nilathuninnu Pokkuvanulla Upakaranam (jakki)
× leaf of jack tree പിലാവില - leaf Of Jack Tree Pilaavila | leaf Of Jack Tree Pilavila
× ഒരേ സമയം രണ്ടു വൈദ്യുതോപകരണങ്ങൾക്ക് വൈദ്യുതബന്ധം സ്ഥാപിക്കാവുന്ന പ്ലഗ് - Ore Samayam Randu Vaidhyuthopakaranangalkku Vaidhyuthabandham Sthaapikkaavunna Plagu | Ore Samayam Randu Vaidhyuthopakaranangalkku Vaidhyuthabandham Sthapikkavunna Plagu
× tender jack fruit ഇടിച്ചക്ക - tender Jack Fruit Idichakka
× വണ്ടികളും മറ്റും നിലത്തു നിന്ന്‌ പൊക്കുവാനുള്ള ഉപകരണം - Vandikalum Mattum Nilaththu Ninnu Pokkuvaanulla Upakaranam | Vandikalum Mattum Nilathu Ninnu Pokkuvanulla Upakaranam
× (ചീട്ടുകളി)ഗുലാൻ‌ചീട്ട് - (cheettukali)gulaancheettu | (cheettukali)gulancheettu
× wild jack നകുചം - wild Jack Nakucham
× കുത്തുക - Kuththuka | Kuthuka
× unripe jack fruit ഇടിച്ചക്ക - unripe Jack Fruit Idichakka
× jack tree 1. ഫലദ്രുമം    2. പുലാവ്    3. പ്ലാവ് - jack Tree 1. Phaladhrumam    2. Pulaavu    3. Plaavu | jack Tree 1. Phaladhrumam    2. Pulavu    3. Plavu
× pith of a jack fruit 1. കൂഞ്ഞ    2. കൂഞ്ഞ് - pith Of A Jack Fruit 1. Koonja    2. Koonju
× ജാക്കി - Jaakki | Jakki
× ഗുലാന്‍ചീട്ട്‌ - Gulaan‍cheettu | Gulan‍cheettu
× ഒരേ സമയം രണ്ടു വൈദ്യുതോപകരണങ്ങള്‍ക്ക്‌ വൈദ്യുത ബന്ധം സ്ഥാപിക്കാവുന്ന പ്ലഗ്‌ - Ore Samayam Randu Vaidhyuthopakaranangal‍kku Vaidhyutha Bandham Sthaapikkaavunna Plagu | Ore Samayam Randu Vaidhyuthopakaranangal‍kku Vaidhyutha Bandham Sthapikkavunna Plagu
× പ്ലാവ് - Plaavu | Plavu
× jack fruit tree 1. സ്ഥൂലം    2. കിംഷുലകം    3. ഗര്‍ഭകണ്ടകം - jack Fruit Tree 1. Sthoolam    2. Kimshulakam    3. Gar‍bhakandakam
× ആൺകഴുത - Aankazhutha | ankazhutha
× ഭാരമുള്ള വസ്തുക്കളെ പൊക്കുന്ന യന്ത്രം - Bhaaramulla Vasthukkale Pokkunna Yanthram | Bharamulla Vasthukkale Pokkunna Yanthram
× jack fruit 1. പലസം    2. ചക്ക    3. പിലാമ്പഴം - jack Fruit 1. Palasam    2. Chakka    3. Pilaampazham | jack Fruit 1. Palasam    2. Chakka    3. Pilampazham
× ആണ്‍കഴുത - Aan‍kazhutha | an‍kazhutha
× സാധാരാണക്കാരന്‍ - Saadhaaraanakkaaran‍ | Sadharanakkaran‍


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