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The relation which one quantity or magnitude has to another of the same kind. It is expressed by the quotient of the division of the first by the second; thus, the ratio of 3 to 6 is expressed by &frac36; or ½; of a to b by a/b; or (less commonly) the second term is made the dividend; as, a:b = b/a.

  1. Relation in degree or number between two similar things.
  2. The relative value of silver and gold in a currency system that is bimetallic.
  3. Mathematics A relationship between two quantities, normally expressed as the quotient of one divided by the other: The ratio of 7 to 4 is written 7:4 or 7/4.

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× പ്രമാണം - Pramaanam | Pramanam
× വീതം - Veetham
× അനുപാതം - Anupaatham | Anupatham
× (ജ്യാമിതി) അംശബന്ധം - (jyaamithi) Amshabandham | (jyamithi) Amshabandham
× അളവ് - Alavu
× അനുപാതസംഖ്യ - Anupaathasamkhya | Anupathasamkhya
× ഹരണഫലം - Haranaphalam
× തരം - Tharam
× അംശബന്ധം - Amshabandham


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