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One who transacts business for another; an agent; a substitute; especially, a mercantile agent who buys and sells goods and transacts business for others in commission; a commission merchant or consignee. He may be a home factor or a foreign factor. He may buy and sell in his own name, and he is intrusted with the possession and control of the goods; and in these respects he differs from a broker.

  1. One that actively contributes to an accomplishment, result, or process: "Surprise is the greatest factor in war” ( Tom Clancy). See Synonyms at element.
  2. One who acts for someone else; an agent.
  3. A person or firm that accepts accounts receivable as security for short-term loans.
  4. Mathematics One of two or more quantities that divides a given quantity without a remainder. For example, 2 and 3 are factors of 6; a and b are factors of ab.
  5. A quantity by which a stated quantity is multiplied or divided, so as to indicate an increase or decrease in a measurement: The rate increased by a factor of ten.
  6. A gene. No longer in technical usage.
  7. Physiology A substance that functions in a specific biochemical reaction or bodily process, such as blood coagulation.
  8. To determine or indicate explicitly the factors of.
  9. factor in To figure in: We factored sick days and vacations in when we prepared the work schedule.

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× (ഗണിതം) ഘടകം - (ganitham) Ghadakam
× അംശം - Amsham
× വ്യാപാരപ്രതിനിധി - Vyaapaaraprathinidhi | Vyaparaprathinidhi
× ഘടകസംഖ്യ - Ghadakasamkhya
× അടിസ്ഥാനം - Adisthaanam | Adisthanam
× ദല്ലാളി - Dhallaali | Dhallali
× കാര്യം - Kaaryam | Karyam
× ഗുണകം - Gunakam
× ഘടകവസ്തു - Ghadakavasthu
× ഘടകം അംശം - Ghadakam Amsham
× വസ്തുത - Vasthutha
× ഉത്തമസാധാരണഘടകം - Uththamasaadhaaranaghadakam | Uthamasadharanaghadakam
× ഘടകം - Ghadakam


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