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To separate the component parts of; to reduce to the constituent elements; -- said of compound substances; hence, sometimes, to melt, or dissolve.

  1. To make a firm decision about.
  2. To cause (a person) to reach a decision. See Synonyms at decide.
  3. To decide or express by formal vote.
  4. To change or convert: My resentment resolved itself into resignation.
  5. To find a solution to; solve. See Synonyms at solve.
  6. To remove or dispel (doubts).
  7. To bring to a usually successful conclusion: resolve a conflict.
  8. Medicine To cause reduction of (an inflammation, for example).
  9. Music To cause (a tone or chord) to progress from dissonance to consonance.
  10. Chemistry To separate (an optically inactive compound or mixture) into its optically active constituents.
  11. To render parts of (an image) visible and distinct.
  12. Mathematics To separate (a vector, for example) into coordinate components.
  13. To melt or dissolve (something).
  14. Archaic To separate (something) into constituent parts.
  15. To reach a decision or make a determination: resolve on a course of action.
  16. To become separated or reduced to constituents.
  17. Music To undergo resolution.
  18. Firmness of purpose; resolution.
  19. A determination or decision; a fixed purpose.
  20. A formal resolution made by a deliberative body.

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× സ്വരം മാറുക - Svaram Maaruka | swaram Maruka
× നിശ്ചയദാര്‍ഢ്യം - Nishchayadhaar‍ddyam | Nishchayadhar‍ddyam
× ആയിത്തീരുക - Aayiththeeruka | ayitheeruka
× പരിഹാരം കാണുക - Parihaaram Kaanuka | Pariharam Kanuka
× സ്‌പഷ്‌ടമാക്കുക - Spashdamaakkuka | Spashdamakkuka
× ദ്രവമാക്കുക - Dhravamaakkuka | Dhravamakkuka
× ഉറപ്പാക്കുക - Urappaakkuka | Urappakkuka
× വേര്‍പെടുത്തുക - Ver‍peduththuka | Ver‍peduthuka
× തീരുമാനമെടുക്കുക - Theerumaanamedukkuka | Theerumanamedukkuka
× വേർപെടുത്തുക - Verpeduththuka | Verpeduthuka
× മൂലധാതുക്കളാക്കുക - Mooladhaathukkalaakkuka | Mooladhathukkalakkuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Romans 14:13

Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother's way.

അതുകൊണ്ടു നാം ഇനി അന്യോന്യം വിധിക്കരുതു; സഹോദരന്നു ഇടർച്ചയോ തടങ്ങലോ വെക്കാതിരിപ്പാൻ മാത്രം ഉറെച്ചുകൊൾവിൻ


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