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To cut or divide into long, thin pieces, or into very small pieces; to cut or rend lengthwise; to slit; as, to sliver wood.

  1. A slender piece cut, split, or broken off; a splinter: slivers of broken glass.
  2. A small narrow piece, portion, or plot: a sliver of land.
  3. A continuous strand of loose wool, flax, or cotton, ready for drawing and twisting.
  4. To split or become split into slivers.

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× നേര്‍ത്ത തുണ്ടുകളാക്കുക - Ner‍ththa Thundukalaakkuka | Ner‍tha Thundukalakkuka
× ശകലീഭൂതമാകുക - Shakaleebhoothamaakuka | Shakaleebhoothamakuka
× കഷണം - Kashanam
× ശകലീഭൂതമാക്കുക - Shakaleebhoothamaakkuka | Shakaleebhoothamakkuka
× ശകലം - Shakalam
× നേർത്ത തുണ്ടുകളാക്കുക - Nerththa Thundukalaakkuka | Nertha Thundukalakkuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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