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A thin, broad piece cut off; as, a slice of bacon; a slice of cheese; a slice of bread.

  1. A thin broad piece cut from a larger object: ate a slice of cheese; examined a slice of the diseased lung.
  2. An often wedge-shaped piece cut from a larger, usually circular object: ordered a slice of pie; shared a slice of pizza.
  3. A portion or share: a slice of the profits.
  4. A knife with a broad, thin, flexible blade, used for cutting and serving food.
  5. A similar implement for spreading printing ink.
  6. Sports The course of a ball that curves in the direction of the dominant hand of the player propelling it, as to the right of a right-handed player.
  7. Sports A stroke that causes a ball to follow such a course: a golfer with a bad slice.
  8. Sports A ball propelled on such a course.
  9. Sports A stroke, as in tennis, in which the ball is struck with a downward motion with the open face of the racket in order to impart backspin.
  10. To cut or divide into slices: slice a loaf of bread.
  11. To cut from a larger piece: slice off a piece of salami.
  12. To cut through or across with or as if with a knife: The harvester sliced the field.
  13. To divide into portions or shares; parcel out.
  14. To spread, work at, or clear away with a bladed tool such as a slice bar.
  15. Sports To hit (a ball) with a slice.
  16. To move like a knife: The destroyer sliced through the water.
  17. Sports To hit a ball with a slice.

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× കറക്കം - Karakkam
× അടല്‍ - Adal‍
× ചെറുകഷ്ണങ്ങളാക്കുക - Cherukashnangalaakkuka | Cherukashnangalakkuka
× പാകം ചെയ്‌ത മത്സ്യം വയ്‌ക്കാനുപയോഗിക്കുന്ന പാത്രം - Paakam Cheytha Mathsyam Vaykkaanupayogikkunna Paathram | Pakam Cheytha Mathsyam Vaykkanupayogikkunna Pathram
× ഭ്രമണം - Bhramanam
× ഭാഗം - Bhaagam | Bhagam
× കഷണങ്ങളാക്കിയ - Kashanangalaakkiya | Kashanangalakkiya
× കഷണം - Kashanam
× കീറ് - Keeru
× പൂള് - Poolu
× ഖണ്‌ഡം ഖണ്‌ഡമാക്കുക - Khandam Khandamaakkuka | Khandam Khandamakkuka
× കഷണമാക്കൽ - Kashanamaakkal | Kashanamakkal
× ഒന്നിൽക്കൂടുതൽ പ്രാഗ്രാമുകൾക്ക്‌ ഒരു പ്രാസസർ യൂണിറ്റ്‌ ഉപയോഗപ്പെടുത്തുന്നതിന്‌ സമയപരിധി നിശ്ചയിക്കുക - Onnilkkooduthal Praagraamukalkku Oru Praasasar Yoonittu Upayogappeduththunnathinu Samayaparidhi Nishchayikkuka | Onnilkkooduthal Pragramukalkku Oru Prasasar Yoonittu Upayogappeduthunnathinu Samayaparidhi Nishchayikkuka
× മുറിച്ചെടുത്ത പരന്ന കഷണം - Muricheduththa Paranna Kashanam | Murichedutha Paranna Kashanam
× ഒരു തരം പാത്രം - Oru Tharam Paathram | Oru Tharam Pathram
× തുണ്ടുതുണ്ടാക്കിയ - Thunduthundaakkiya | Thunduthundakkiya
× ചെറുകഷണങ്ങളാക്കുക - Cherukashanangalaakkuka | Cherukashanangalakkuka
× ചീവുക - Cheevuka
× പൂളുക - Pooluka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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