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To set up; to put upright.

  1. To cause to turn or tip over; capsize.
  2. To disturb the functioning, order, or course of: Protesters upset the meeting by chanting and shouting.
  3. To distress or perturb mentally or emotionally: The bad news upset me.
  4. To overthrow; overturn: upset a will. See Synonyms at overthrow.
  5. To defeat unexpectedly (an opponent favored to win).
  6. To make (a heated metal bolt, for example) shorter and thicker by hammering on the end.
  7. To become overturned; capsize.
  8. To become disturbed.
  9. The act of upsetting or the condition of being upset.
  10. A disturbance, disorder, or state of agitation.
  11. A game or contest in which the favorite is defeated.
  12. A tool used for upsetting; a swage.
  13. An upset part or piece.
  14. Having been overturned; capsized.
  15. Exhibiting signs and symptoms of indigestion: an upset stomach.
  16. In a state of emotional or mental distress; distraught: upset parents.

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× വ്യാകുല - Vyaakula | Vyakula
× താറുമാറാക്കുക - Thaarumaaraakkuka | Tharumarakkuka
× ആകസ്‌മിക പ്രത്യാഘാതം - Aakasmika Prathyaaghaatham | akasmika Prathyaghatham
× മറിയല്‍ - Mariyal‍
× തകരാര്‍ - Thakaraar‍ | Thakarar‍
× തലകീഴാക്കുക - Thalakeezhaakkuka | Thalakeezhakkuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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