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In a general sense, denoting from or away from; as:

  1. From a place or position: drove off.
  2. At a certain distance in space or time: a mile off; a week off.
  3. From a given course or route; aside: swerved off into a ditch.
  4. Into a state of unconsciousness: I must have dozed off.
  5. So as to be no longer on, attached, or connected: shaved off his mustache.
  6. So as to be divided: marked off the playing field by yards.
  7. So as to be no longer continuing, operating, or functioning: switched off the radio.
  8. So as to be completely removed, finished, or eliminated: kill off the mice.
  9. So as to be smaller, fewer, or less: Sales dropped off.
  10. So as to be away from work or duty: They took a day off.
  11. Offstage.
  12. Distant or removed; farther: the off side of the barn.
  13. Remote; slim: stopped by on the off chance that they're home.
  14. Not on, attached, or connected: with my shoes off.
  15. Not operating or operational: The oven is off.
  16. No longer taking place; canceled: The wedding is off.
  17. Slack: Production was off this year.
  18. Not up to standard; below a normal or satisfactory level: Your pitching is off today.
  19. Not accurate; incorrect: Your statistical results are off.
  20. Somewhat crazy; eccentric: I think that person is a little off.
  21. Started on the way; going: I'm off to see the president.
  22. Absent or away from work or duty: She's off every Tuesday.
  23. Spent away from work or duty: My off day is Saturday.
  24. Being on the right side of an animal or vehicle.
  25. Being the animal or vehicle on the right.
  26. Nautical Farthest from the shore; seaward.
  27. Sports Toward or designating the side of the field facing the batsman in cricket.
  28. Off-color.
  29. So as to be removed or distant from: The bird hopped off the branch.
  30. Away or relieved from: off duty.
  31. By consuming: living off locusts and honey.
  32. With the means provided by: living off my pension.
  33. Informal From: "What else do you want off me?” ( Jimmy Breslin).
  34. Extending or branching out from: an artery off the heart.
  35. Not up to the usual standard of: off his game.
  36. So as to abstain from: went off narcotics.
  37. Nautical To seaward of: a mile off Sandy Hook.
  38. To go away; leave: Off or I'll call the police.
  39. Slang To murder.
  40. off and on In an intermittent manner: slept off and on last night.

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ഇല്‍ നിന്ന്‌ - Il‍ Ninnu ;ദൂരത്ത് - Dhooraththu | Dhoorathu ;pull off പറിക്കുക - pull Off Parikkuka ;അകലെയുള്ള - Akaleyulla ;corn shaken off sheaves ഉതിര്‍മ്മണി - corn Shaken Off Sheaves Uthir‍mmani ;ദൂരെ - Dhoore ;

പ്രവര്‍ത്തനരഹിതമായ അവസ്ഥ. - Pravar‍ththanarahithamaaya Avastha. | Pravar‍thanarahithamaya Avastha. ;cut off 1. വെട്ടുക    2. അവച്ഛിന്ന    3. ആച്ഛിന്ന - cut Off 1. Vettuka    2. Avachchinna    3. Aachchinna | cut Off 1. Vettuka    2. Avachchinna    3. achchinna ;a kind of marriage system in which the relatives of bride are defeated and the bride is carried off by force and married രാക്ഷസം - a Kind Of Marriage System In Which The Relatives Of Bride Are Defeated And The Bride Is Carried Off By Force And Married Raakshasam | a Kind Of Marriage System In Which The Relatives Of Bride Are Defeated And The Bride Is Carried Off By Force And Married Rakshasam ;അകലെ - Akale ;chop off അരങ്ങുക - chop Off Aranguka ;to strike off matter already written കിറുക്കുക - to Strike Off Matter Already Written Kirukkuka ;വിട്ട്‌ - Vittu ;cutting off 1. അവകര്‍ത്തനം    2. കര്‍ത്തനം    3. ആഖണ്ഡനം - cutting Off 1. Avakar‍ththanam    2. Kar‍ththanam    3. Aakhandanam | cutting Off 1. Avakar‍thanam    2. Kar‍thanam    3. akhandanam ;set off in account തട്ടിക്കഴിക്കുക - set Off In Account Thattikkazhikkuka ;ദൂരത്ത്‌ - Dhooraththu | Dhoorathu ;rubbing off 1. കഷണ    2. ഉന്മാര്‍ജ്ജനം - rubbing Off 1. Kashana    2. Unmaar‍jjanam | rubbing Off 1. Kashana    2. Unmar‍jjanam ;വിട്ട് - Vittu ;throw off ആക്ഷിപ്ത - throw Off Aakshiptha | throw Off akshiptha ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

2 Chronicles 33:11

Therefore the LORD brought upon them the captains of the army of the king of Assyria, who took Manasseh with hooks, bound him with bronze fetters, and carried him off to Babylon.

ആകയാൽ യഹോവ അശ്ശൂർ രാജാവിന്റെ സേനാധിപതിമാരെ അവരുടെ നേരെ വരുത്തി; അവർ മനശ്ശെയെ കൊളുത്തുകളാൽ പിടിച്ചു ചങ്ങലയിട്ടു ബാബേലിലേക്കു കൊണ്ടുപോയി.

Habakkuk 3:17

Though the fig tree may not blossom, Nor fruit be on the vines; Though the labor of the olive may fail, And the fields yield no food; Though the flock may be cut off from the fold, And there be no herd in the stalls--

അത്തിവൃക്ഷം തളിർക്കയില്ല; മുന്തിരിവള്ളിയിൽ അനുഭവം ഉണ്ടാകയില്ല; ഒലിവുമരത്തിന്റെ പ്രയത്നം നിഷ്ഫലമായ്പോകും; നിലങ്ങൾ ആഹാരം വിളയിക്കയില്ല; ആട്ടിൻ കൂട്ടം തൊഴുത്തിൽനിന്നു നശിച്ചുപോകും; ഗോശാലകളിൽ കന്നുകാലി ഉണ്ടായിരിക്കയില്ല.

Acts 27:7

When we had sailed slowly many days, and arrived with difficulty off Cnidus, the wind not permitting us to proceed, we sailed under the shelter of Crete off Salmone.

പിന്നെ ഞങ്ങൾ ബഹുദിവസം പതുക്കെ ഔടി, ക്നീദൊസ് തൂക്കിൽ പ്രയാസത്തോടെ എത്തി, കാറ്റു സമ്മതിക്കായ്കയാൽ ക്രേത്തദ്വീപിന്റെ മറപറ്റി ശല്മോനെക്കു നേരെ ഔടി,


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