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Of or pertaining to the beginning or origin, or to early times; original; primordial; primeval; first; as, primitive innocence; the primitive church.

  1. Not derived from something else; primary or basic.
  2. Of or relating to an earliest or original stage or state; primeval.
  3. Being little evolved from an early ancestral type.
  4. Characterized by simplicity or crudity; unsophisticated: primitive weapons. See Synonyms at rude.
  5. Anthropology Of or relating to a nonindustrial, often tribal culture, especially one that is characterized by a low level of economic complexity: primitive societies.
  6. Linguistics Serving as the basis for derived or inflected forms: Pick is the primitive word from which picket is derived.
  7. Linguistics Being a protolanguage: primitive Germanic.
  8. Relating or belonging to forces of nature; elemental: primitive passions.
  9. Of or created by an artist without formal training; simple or naive in style.
  10. Of or relating to the work of an artist from a nonindustrial, often tribal culture, especially a culture that is characterized by a low level of economic complexity.
  11. Of or relating to late medieval or pre-Renaissance European painters or sculptors.
  12. Biology Occurring in or characteristic of an early stage of development or evolution.
  13. Anthropology A person belonging to a nonindustrial, often tribal society, especially a society characterized by a low level of economic complexity.
  14. An unsophisticated person.
  15. One that is at a low or early stage of development.
  16. One belonging to an early stage in the development of an artistic trend, especially a painter of the pre-Renaissance period.
  17. An artist having or affecting a simple, direct, unschooled style, as of painting.
  18. A self-taught artist.
  19. A work of art created by a primitive artist.
  20. Linguistics A word or word element from which another word is derived by morphological or historical processes or from which inflected forms are derived.
  21. Linguistics A basic and indivisible unit of linguistic analysis. Also called prime.
  22. Mathematics An algebraic or geometric expression from which another expression is derived.
  23. Computer Science A basic or fundamental unit of machine instruction or translation.

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× പരിണാമത്തിന്റെ ആദ്യത്തെ അവസ്ഥയിലുള്ള - Parinaamaththinte Aadhyaththe Avasthayilulla | Parinamathinte adhyathe Avasthayilulla
× പ്രാചീനമായ - Praacheenamaaya | Pracheenamaya
× പ്രാകൃതമായ - പ്രാകൃതമായ
× ആദിമമായ - Aadhimamaaya | adhimamaya
× പുരാതനമായ - പുരാതനമായ
× പുരാതനമായ - Puraathanamaaya | Purathanamaya
× നാഗരികതയുടെ ആദ്യമഘട്ടത്തിലുള്ള - Naagarikathayude Aadhyamaghattaththilulla | Nagarikathayude adhyamaghattathilulla
× അനാഗരികമായ - Anaagarikamaaya | Anagarikamaya
× ചരിത്രാതീതകാലത്തിന്റേതായ - Charithraatheethakaalaththintethaaya | Charithratheethakalathintethaya
× പരിണാമത്തിന്‍റെ ആദ്യത്തെ അവസ്ഥയിലുള്ള - Parinaamaththin‍re Aadhyaththe Avasthayilulla | Parinamathin‍re adhyathe Avasthayilulla
× ആദിയിലുള്ള - Aadhiyilulla | adhiyilulla
× സംസ്‌കാരം സിദ്ധിച്ചിട്ടില്ലാത്ത - Samskaaram Siddhichittillaaththa | Samskaram Sidhichittillatha
× പ്രാകൃതമായ - Praakruthamaaya | Prakruthamaya


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