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Wet, spongy land; soft, low ground saturated with water, but not usually covered with it; marshy ground away from the seashore.

  1. A seasonally flooded bottomland with more woody plants than a marsh and better drainage than a bog.
  2. A lowland region saturated with water.
  3. A situation or place fraught with difficulties and imponderables: a financial swamp.
  4. To drench in or cover with or as if with water.
  5. To inundate or burden; overwhelm: She was swamped with work.
  6. Nautical To fill (a ship or boat) with water to the point of sinking it.
  7. To become full of water or sink.

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× ചെളിയില്‍ താഴുക - Cheliyil‍ Thaazhuka | Cheliyil‍ Thazhuka
× ചേറ്റില്‍ താഴ്‌ത്തുക - Chettil‍ Thaazhththuka | Chettil‍ Thazhthuka
× ഒരു വസ്‌തു അമിതമായി നല്‍കിനിസ്സഹായാവസ്ഥയിലാക്കുക - Oru Vasthu Amithamaayi Nal‍kinissahaayaavasthayilaakkuka | Oru Vasthu Amithamayi Nal‍kinissahayavasthayilakkuka
× കച്ഛഭൂമി - Kachchabhoomi


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