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An arched structure of masonry, forming a ceiling or canopy.

  1. An arched structure, usually of masonry or concrete, serving to cover a space.
  2. An arched overhead covering, such as the sky, that resembles the architectural structure in form.
  3. A room or space, such as a cellar or storeroom, with arched walls and ceiling, especially when underground.
  4. A room or compartment, often built of steel, for the safekeeping of valuables: a bank vault.
  5. A burial chamber, especially when underground.
  6. Anatomy An arched part of the body, especially the top part of the skull.
  7. To construct or supply with an arched ceiling; cover with a vault.
  8. To build or make in the shape of a vault; arch.
  9. To jump or leap over, especially with the aid of a support such as the hands or a pole.
  10. To jump or leap, especially with the use of the hands or a pole.
  11. To accomplish something as if by leaping suddenly or vigorously: vaulted into a position of wealth.
  12. The act of vaulting; a jump.

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stone vault കല്ലറ - stone Vault Kallara | stone Voult Kallara ;വളവ് - Valavu ;വില്‍വളവായി കെട്ടുക - Vil‍valavaayi Kettuka | Vil‍valavayi Kettuka ;മലക്കം മറിയുക - Malakkam Mariyuka ;വില്‍വളവ് - Vil‍valavu ;വളര്‍ത്തുമാളിക - Valar‍ththumaalika | Valar‍thumalika ;

ആകാശത്തട്ട്‌ - Aakaashaththattu | akashathattu ;കമാനാകൃതിയില്‍ വളയ്‌ക്കുക - Kamaanaakruthiyil‍ Valaykkuka | Kamanakruthiyil‍ Valaykkuka ;വാറ്റുപത്താഴം - Vaattupaththaazham | Vattupathazham ;കരണം മറിച്ചില്‍ - Karanam Marichil‍ ;വീഞ്ഞറ - Veenjara ;നിധിശേഖരപ്പുര. - Nidhishekharappura. ;നിലവറ - Nilavara ;വളവ്‌ - Valavu ;വില്‍വളവ്‌ - Vil‍valavu ;കല്ലറ - Kallara ;ഖഗോളം - Khagolam ;മലക്കം മറിച്ചില്‍ - Malakkam Marichil‍ ;കമാനം - Kamaanam | Kamanam ;


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