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To carry on to a final close; to bring out into a perfected state; to accomplish; to perform; -- as, to achieve a feat, an exploit, an enterprise.

  1. To perform or carry out with success; accomplish. See Synonyms at perform.
  2. To attain with effort or despite difficulty. See Synonyms at reach.
  3. To accomplish something successfully; perform at a standard or above standard level: skills needed to achieve in school.

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× നേടുക - Neduka
× കൈവരുത്തുക - Kaivaruththuka | Kaivaruthuka
× സമ്പാദിക്കുക - Sampaadhikkuka | Sampadhikkuka
× കൈവരുത്തുക - കൈവരുത്തുക
× നേടുക - നേടുക
× നിഷ്പാദിക്കുക - Nishpaadhikkuka | Nishpadhikkuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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