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A mound, pile, or ridge of earth, raised above the surrounding level; hence, anything shaped like a mound or ridge of earth; as, a bank of clouds; a bank of snow.

  1. A piled-up mass, as of snow or clouds. See Synonyms at heap.
  2. A steep natural incline.
  3. An artificial embankment.
  4. The slope of land adjoining a body of water, especially adjoining a river, lake, or channel. Often used in the plural.
  5. A large elevated area of a sea floor. Often used in the plural.
  6. Games The cushion of a billiard or pool table.
  7. The lateral inward tilting, as of a motor vehicle or an aircraft, in turning or negotiating a curve.
  8. To border or protect with a ridge or embankment.
  9. To pile up; amass: banked earth along the wall.
  10. To cover (a fire), as with ashes or fresh fuel, to ensure continued low burning.
  11. To construct with a slope rising to the outside edge: The turns on the racetrack were steeply banked.
  12. To tilt (an aircraft) laterally and inwardly in flight.
  13. To tilt (a motor vehicle) laterally and inwardly when negotiating a curve.
  14. Games To strike (a billiard ball) so that it rebounds from the cushion of the table.
  15. Sports To play (a ball or puck) in such a way as to make it glance off a surface, such as a backboard or wall.
  16. To rise in or take the form of a bank.
  17. To tilt an aircraft or a motor vehicle laterally when turning.
  18. A business establishment in which money is kept for saving or commercial purposes or is invested, supplied for loans, or exchanged.
  19. The offices or building in which such an establishment is located.
  20. Games The funds of a gambling establishment.
  21. Games The funds held by a dealer or banker in some gambling games.
  22. Games The reserve pieces, cards, chips, or play money in some games, such as poker, from which the players may draw.
  23. A supply or stock for future or emergency use: a grain bank.
  24. Medicine A supply of human tissues or other materials, such as blood, skin, or sperm, held in reserve for future use.
  25. A place of safekeeping or storage: a computer's memory bank.
  26. Obsolete A moneychanger's table or place of business.
  27. To deposit in or as if in a bank.
  28. To transact business with a bank or maintain a bank account.
  29. To operate a bank.
  30. bank on To have confidence in; rely on.
  31. A set of similar or matched things arranged in a row, especially:
  32. A set of elevators.
  33. A row of keys on a keyboard.
  34. Nautical A bench for rowers in a galley.
  35. Nautical A row of oars in a galley.
  36. Printing The lines of type under a headline.
  37. To arrange or set up in a row: "Every street was banked with purple-blooming trees” ( Doris Lessing).

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× പ്രതീരം - Pratheeram
× ബാങ്ക്‌ - Baanku | Banku
× ചിറ - Chira
× വരമ്പുണ്ടാക്കുക - Varampundaakkuka | Varampundakkuka
× മണല്‍ത്തിട്ട - Manal‍ththitta | Manal‍thitta
× തിട്ടയുണ്ടാക്കുക - Thittayundaakkuka | Thittayundakkuka
× പണം സൂക്ഷിക്കുകയും പലിശയ്‌ക്കു കൊടുക്കുകയും മറ്റും ചെയ്യുന്ന സ്ഥാപനം - Panam Sookshikkukayum Palishaykku Kodukkukayum Mattum Cheyyunna Sthaapanam | Panam Sookshikkukayum Palishaykku Kodukkukayum Mattum Cheyyunna Sthapanam
× തീരം - Theeram
× പ്രപാതം - Prapaatham | Prapatham
× ബാങ്കില്‍ പണമിടുക - Baankil‍ Panamiduka | Bankil‍ Panamiduka
× തടം - Thadam
× ബാങ്ക് - Baanku | Banku
× പണമിടപാട്‌ നടത്തുന്ന സ്ഥലം - Panamidapaadu Nadaththunna Sthalam | Panamidapadu Nadathunna Sthalam
× ധനശേഖരം - Dhanashekharam
× ഭൂമിയുടെ ഉയര്‍ന്ന ഭാഗം - Bhoomiyude Uyar‍nna Bhaagam | Bhoomiyude Uyar‍nna Bhagam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Joshua 13:9

from Aroer which is on the bank of the River Arnon, and the town that is in the midst of the ravine, and all the plain of Medeba as far as Dibon;

അർന്നോൻ താഴ്വരയുടെ അറ്റത്തുള്ള അരോവേരും താഴ്വരയുടെ നടുവിലുള്ള പട്ടണംമുതൽ ദീബോൻ വരെയുള്ള മേദെബാസമഭൂമി മുഴുവനും;

Ezekiel 47:12

Along the bank of the river, on this side and that, will grow all kinds of trees used for food; their leaves will not wither, and their fruit will not fail. They will bear fruit every month, because their water flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for medicine."

നദീതീരത്തു ഇക്കരെയും അക്കരെയും തിന്മാൻ തക്ക ഫലമുള്ള സകലവിധ വൃക്ഷങ്ങളും വളരും; അവയുടെ ഇല വാടുകയില്ല, ഫലം ഇല്ലാതെപോകയുമില്ല; അതിലെ വെള്ളം വിശുദ്ധമന്ദിരത്തിൽനിന്നു ഒഴുകിവരുന്നതുകൊണ്ടു അവ മാസംതോറും പുതിയ ഫലം കായക്കും; അവയുടെ ഫലം തിന്മാനും അവയുടെ ഇല ചികിത്സക്കും ഉതകും.

Joshua 13:23

And the border of the children of Reuben was the bank of the Jordan. This was the inheritance of the children of Reuben according to their families, the cities and their villages.

രൂബേന്യരുടെ അതിർ യോർദ്ദാൻ ആയിരുന്നു; ഈ പട്ടണങ്ങൾ അവയുടെ ഗ്രാമങ്ങളുൾപ്പെടെ രൂബേന്യർക്കും കുടുംബംകുടുംബമായി കിട്ടിയ അവകാശം.


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