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That which confines or contracts; a restraint; a shackle; a hindrance.

  1. A sudden, involuntary, spasmodic muscular contraction causing severe pain, often occurring in the leg or shoulder as the result of strain or chill.
  2. A temporary partial paralysis of habitually or excessively used muscles.
  3. Spasmodic contractions of the uterus, such as those occurring during menstruation or labor, usually causing pain in the abdomen that may radiate to the lower back and thighs.
  4. To affect with or as if with a cramp.
  5. To suffer from or experience cramps.
  6. A frame with an adjustable part to hold pieces together; a clamp.
  7. A cramp iron.
  8. A compressing or restraining force, influence, or thing.
  9. A confined position or part.
  10. To hold together with a cramp.
  11. To shut in so closely as to restrict the physical freedom of: were cramped in the tiny cubicle.
  12. To steer (the wheels of a vehicle) to make a turn.
  13. To jam (a wheel) by a short turn.
  14. Cramped.
  15. cramp (one's) style To restrict or prevent from free action or expression.

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× മാംസപേശിയുടെ കോച്ചി വലി - Maamsapeshiyude Kochi Vali | Mamsapeshiyude Kochi Vali
× തടയുക - Thadayuka
× കൊളുത്ത്‌ - Koluththu | Koluthu
× മാംസപേശിയുടെ വലി - Maamsapeshiyude Vali | Mamsapeshiyude Vali
× മാംസപേശിയുടെ വലിവ്‌ - Maamsapeshiyude Valivu | Mamsapeshiyude Valivu


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