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A marriage portion; dowry.

  1. A tiny round mark made by or as if by a pointed instrument; a spot.
  2. Such a mark used in orthography, as above an i.
  3. The basic unit of composition for an image produced by a device that prints text or graphics on paper: a resolution of 900 dots per inch.
  4. A tiny amount.
  5. In Morse and similar codes, the short sound or signal used in combination with the dash and silent intervals to represent letters, numbers, or punctuation.
  6. Mathematics A decimal point.
  7. Mathematics A symbol (·) indicating multiplication, as in 2 · 4 = 8.
  8. Music A mark after a note indicating an increase in time value by half.
  9. Computer Science A period, as used as in URLs and e-mail addresses, to separate strings of words, as in
  10. To mark with a dot.
  11. To form or make with dots.
  12. To cover with or as if with dots: "Campfires, like red, peculiar blossoms, dotted the night” ( Stephen Crane).
  13. To make a dot.
  14. on Exactly at the appointed time; punctual or punctually: arrived at nine o'clock on the dot.
  15. A woman's marriage portion; a dowry.

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× കുത്തിടുക - Kuththiduka | Kuthiduka
× പൃഷതം - Prushatham
× പൂർണ്ണവിരാമം - Poornnaviraamam | Poornnaviramam
× കുറി - Kuri
× പൂര്‍ണ്ണവിരാമം - Poor‍nnaviraamam | Poor‍nnaviramam
× പുള്ളികുത്തുക - Pullikuththuka | Pullikuthuka
× കുത്ത് - Kuththu | Kuthu
× കുത്ത്‌ - Kuththu | Kuthu


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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