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  1. A road, path, or highway affording passage from one place to another.
  2. An opening affording passage: This door is the only way into the attic.
  3. Space to proceed: cleared the way for the parade.
  4. Opportunity to advance: opened the way to peace.
  5. A course that is or may be used in going from one place to another: tried to find the shortest way home.
  6. Progress or travel along a certain route or in a specific direction: on his way north.
  7. A course of conduct or action: tried to take the easy way out.
  8. A manner or method of doing: several ways of solving this problem; had no way to reach her.
  9. A usual or habitual manner or mode of being, living, or acting: the American way of life.
  10. An individual or personal manner of behaving, acting, or doing: Have it your own way.
  11. Informal Distance: The travelers have come a long way. That village is a good ways off.
  12. A specific direction: He glanced my way.
  13. A participant. Often used in combination: a three-way conversation.
  14. An aspect, particular, or feature: resembles his father in many ways; in no way comparable.
  15. Nature or category: not much in the way of a plot.
  16. Freedom to do as one wishes: if I had my way.
  17. An aptitude or facility: She certainly does have a way with words.
  18. A state or condition: He is in a bad way financially.
  19. Vicinity: Drop in when you're out our way.
  20. A longitudinal strip on a surface that serves to guide a moving machine part. Often used in the plural.
  21. Nautical The structure on which a ship is built and from which it slides when launched.
  22. Informal By a great distance or to a great degree; far: way off base; way too expensive.
  23. Slang Very; extremely: "Can they really make a car that's way cool?” ( Fortune).
  24. Informal From this place; away: Go way.
  25. all the way From beginning to end; completely: drove all the way from Detroit to Pittsburgh.
  26. by the way Incidentally: By the way, you forgot to cash that check.
  27. by way of Through; via: flew to the Far East by way of the polar route.
  28. by way of As a means of: made no comment by way of apology.
  29. (one's) To inconvenience oneself in doing something beyond what is required.
  30. in a way To a certain extent; with reservations: I like the new styles, in a way.
  31. in a way From one point of view: In a way, you're right.
  32. in the way In a position to obstruct, hinder, or interfere.
  33. no way Informal Certainly not: Did you like that movie?-No way! It was boring.
  34. (one's) In the process of coming, going, or traveling: She is on her way out the door. Winter is on the way.
  35. on the way On the route of a journey: met him on the way to town; ran into them on the way.
  36. out of the way In such a position as not to obstruct, hinder, or interfere.
  37. out of the way Taken care of; disposed of: some details to get out of the way first.
  38. out of the way In a remote location.
  39. out of the way Of an unusual character; remarkable.
  40. out of the way Improper; amiss: said nothing out of the way.

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× പാത - Paatha | Patha
× യാത്രാമാര്‍ഗ്ഗം - Yaathraamaar‍ggam | Yathramar‍ggam
× പത്സലം - Pathsalam
× സേതുകം - Sethukam
× മാചം - Maacham | Macham
× മാര്‍ക്കം - Maar‍kkam | Mar‍kkam
× ഉപായം - Upaayam | Upayam
× പഥത്ത് - Pathaththu | Pathathu
× ഗതി - Gathi
× മാർഗ്ഗം - Maarggam | Marggam
× രീതി - Reethi
× പന്ഥാവ് - Panthaavu | Panthavu
× ചാല് - Chaalu | Chalu
× ക്രമം - Kramam
× പെരുമാറ്റരീതി - Perumaattareethi | Perumattareethi
× പ്രപാഥം - Prapaatham | Prapatham
× ഗമനം - Gamanam
× പഥം - Patham
× സരണി - Sarani
× പദ്യ - Padhya
× യാത്ര - Yaathra | Yathra
× പന്ഥാവ്‌ - Panthaavu | Panthavu
× പദ്ധതി - Paddhathi | Padhathi
× വഴി - Vazhi
× സഞ്ചാരം - Sanchaaram | Sancharam
× അദ്ധ്വാവ് - Addhvaavu | Adhvavu
× വീഥി - Veethi
× വിധം - Vidham
× പ്രചരം - Pracharam
× വര്‍ത്തനി - Var‍ththani | Var‍thani
× സമ്പ്രദായം - Sampradhaayam | Sampradhayam
× മാര്‍ഗ്ഗം - Maar‍ggam | Mar‍ggam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Nehemiah 8:12

And all the people went their way to eat and drink, to send portions and rejoice greatly, because they understood the words that were declared to them.

തങ്ങളോടു പറഞ്ഞ വചനം ബോദ്ധ്യമായതുകൊണ്ടു ജനമെല്ലാം പോയി തിന്നുകയും കുടിക്കയും പകർച്ച കൊടുത്തയക്കയും അത്യന്തം സന്തോഷിക്കയും ചെയ്തു.

Job 23:11

My foot has held fast to His steps; I have kept His way and not turned aside.

എന്റെ കാലടി അവന്റെ ചുവടു തുടർന്നു ചെല്ലുന്നു; ഞാൻ വിട്ടുമാറാതെ അവന്റെ വഴി പ്രമാണിക്കുന്നു.

Ezekiel 18:29

Yet the house of Israel says, "The way of the Lord is not fair.' O house of Israel, is it not My ways which are fair, and your ways which are not fair?

എന്നാൽ യിസ്രായേൽഗൃഹം: കർത്താവിന്റെ വഴി ചൊവ്വുള്ളതല്ല എന്നു പറയുന്നു; യിസ്രായേൽഗൃഹമേ, എന്റെ വഴികൾ ചൊവ്വുള്ളവയല്ലയോ? നിങ്ങളുടെ വഴികൾ ചൊവ്വില്ലാത്തവയല്ലയോ?


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