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To drive close; to press firmly together: to wedge into a place.

  1. The striking of one body against another; collision. See Synonyms at collision.
  2. The force or impetus transmitted by a collision.
  3. The effect or impression of one thing on another: still gauging the impact of automation on the lives of factory workers.
  4. The power of making a strong, immediate impression: a speech that lacked impact.
  5. To pack firmly together.
  6. To strike forcefully: meteorites impacting the lunar surface.
  7. Usage Problem To have an effect or impact on: "No region ... has been more impacted by emerging demographic and economic trends” ( Joel Kotkin).
  8. Usage Problem To have an effect or impact.

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× ആഘാതം - Aaghaatham | aghatham
× ശക്തിയായ സ്വാധീനം - Shakthiyaaya Svaadheenam | Shakthiyaya swadheenam
× സമ്മര്‍ദ്ദം - Sammar‍ddham | Sammar‍dham
× സംഘട്ടനം - Samghattanam
× പ്രഭാവം - Prabhaavam | Prabhavam
× മര്‍ദ്ദനം - Mar‍ddhanam | Mar‍dhanam
× സമ്മർദ്ദം - Sammarddham | Sammardham
× സുശക്തഫലം - Sushakthaphalam
× അനന്തരഫലം - Anantharaphalam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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