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Reflecting to the eye all the rays of the spectrum combined; not tinted with any of the proper colors or their mixtures; having the color of pure snow; snowy; -- the opposite of black or dark; as, white paper; a white skin.

  1. The achromatic color of maximum lightness; the color of objects that reflect nearly all light of all visible wavelengths; the complement or antagonist of black, the other extreme of the neutral gray series. Although typically a response to maximum stimulation of the retina, the perception of white appears always to depend on contrast.
  2. The white or nearly white part, as:
  3. The albumen of an egg.
  4. The white part of an eyeball.
  5. A blank unprinted area, as of an advertisement.
  6. One that is white or nearly white, as:
  7. White trousers or a white outfit of a special nature: tennis whites.
  8. The white dress uniform of the U.S. Navy or Coast Guard.
  9. A white wine.
  10. A white pigment.
  11. A white breed, species, or variety of animal.
  12. A member of a racial group of people having light skin coloration, especially one of European origin. See Usage Note at black.
  13. Products of a white color, such as flour, salt, and sugar. Often used in the plural.
  14. Games The white or light-colored pieces, as in chess.
  15. Games The player using these pieces.
  16. The outermost ring of an archery target.
  17. A hit in this ring.
  18. Pathology Leukorrhea.
  19. A politically ultraconservative or reactionary person.
  20. Being of the color white; devoid of hue, as new snow.
  21. Approaching the color white, as:
  22. Weakly colored; almost colorless; pale: white wine.
  23. Pale gray; silvery and lustrous: white hair.
  24. Bloodless; blanched.
  25. Light or whitish in color or having light or whitish parts. Used with animal and plant names.
  26. Of or belonging to a racial group having light skin coloration, especially one of European origin: voting patterns within the white population.
  27. Not written or printed on; blank.
  28. Unsullied; pure.
  29. Habited in white: white nuns.
  30. Accompanied by or mantled with snow: a white Christmas.
  31. Incandescent: white flames.
  32. Intensely heated; impassioned: white with fury.
  33. Ultraconservative or reactionary.
  34. With milk added. Used of tea or coffee.
  35. Printing To create or leave blank spaces in (printed or illustrated matter). Often used with out.
  36. Archaic To whiten; whitewash.
  37. Archaic To blanch.

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× ശ്വേതം - Shvetham
× വിളറിവെളുത്ത - Vilariveluththa | Vilarivelutha
× ധവളം - Dhavalam
× രജതം - Rajatham
× ഹരിണ - Harina
× വിമലമായ - Vimalamaaya | Vimalamaya
× ശ്യേത - Shyetha
× സുതാര്യമായ - Suthaaryamaaya | Sutharyamaya
× സിത - Sitha
× വെള്ളക്കാരനായ - Vellakkaaranaaya | Vellakkaranaya
× സിന - Sina
× ആപാണ്ഡുര - Aapaandura | apandura
× ശൗക്ല്യം - Shauklyam | Shouklyam
× വെണ്മയായ - Venmayaaya | Venmayaya
× ശിതി - Shithi
× ഗൗര - Gaura | Goura
× ശ്വേത - Shvetha
× ധവള - Dhavala
× സ്വച്ഛത - Svachchatha | swachchatha
× ശുക്ല - Shukla
× അമല - Amala
× ശുഭ്ര - Shubhra
× അകൃഷ്ണ - Akrushna
× വചം - Vacham
× ശുഭ്രം - Shubhram
× വെളുത്ത - Veluththa | Velutha
× കറുത്തവര്‍ഗ്ഗക്കാരല്ലാത്ത - Karuththavar‍ggakkaarallaaththa | Karuthavar‍ggakkarallatha
× ശുഭ്രമായ - Shubhramaaya | Shubhramaya
× വെണ്‍മയായ - Ven‍mayaaya | Ven‍mayaya
× വെണ്‍മ - Ven‍ma


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Zechariah 6:6

The one with the black horses is going to the north country, the white are going after them, and the dappled are going toward the south country."

കറുത്ത കുതിരകൾ ഉള്ളതു വടക്കെ ദേശത്തിലേക്കു പുറപ്പെട്ടു; വെളുത്തവ അവയുടെ പിന്നാലെ പുറപ്പെട്ടു; പുള്ളിയുള്ളവ തെക്കേ ദേശത്തേക്കു പുറപ്പെട്ടു.

Revelation 20:11

Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them.

ഞാൻ വലിയോരു വെള്ളസിംഹാസനവും അതിൽ ഒരുത്തൻ ഇരിക്കുന്നതും കണ്ടു; അവന്റെ സന്നിധിയിൽനിന്നു ഭൂമിയും ആകാശവും ഔടിപ്പോയി; അവയെ പിന്നെ കണ്ടില്ല.

Judges 5:10

"Speak, you who ride on white donkeys, Who sit in judges' attire, And who walk along the road.

വെള്ളക്കഴുതപ്പുറത്തു കയറുന്നവരേ, പരവതാനികളിൽ ഇരിക്കുന്നവരേ, കാൽനടയായി പോകുന്നവരേ, വർണ്ണിപ്പിൻ !


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