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To go; to move; to proceed; to be moved or transferred from one point to another; to make a transit; -- usually with a following adverb or adverbal phrase defining the kind or manner of motion; as, to pass on, by, out, in, etc.; to pass swiftly, directly, smoothly, etc.; to pass to the rear, under the yoke, over the bridge, across the field, beyond the border, etc.

  1. To move on or ahead; proceed.
  2. To extend; run: The river passes through our land.
  3. To move by: The band passed and the crowd cheered.
  4. To move past another vehicle: The sports car passed on the right.
  5. To gain passage despite obstacles: pass through difficult years.
  6. To move past in time; elapse: The days passed quickly.
  7. To be transferred from one to another; circulate: The wine passed around the table.
  8. Sports To transfer a ball or puck to a teammate.
  9. To be communicated or exchanged between persons: Loud words passed in the corridor.
  10. To be transferred or conveyed to another by will or deed: The title passed to the older heir.
  11. To undergo transition from one condition, form, quality, or characteristic to another: Daylight passed into darkness.
  12. To come to an end: My anger suddenly passed. The headache finally passed.
  13. To cease to exist; die. Often used with on: The patient passed on during the night.
  14. To happen; take place: What passed during the day?
  15. To be allowed to happen without notice or challenge: Let their rude remarks pass.
  16. Sports & Games To decline one's turn to bid, draw, bet, compete, or play.
  17. To decline an offer: When we offered him dessert, he passed.
  18. To undergo an examination or a trial with favorable results.
  19. To serve as a barely acceptable substitute: The spare tire was nearly bald but would pass until we bought a new one.
  20. To be accepted as a member of a group by denying one's own ancestry or background.
  21. To be approved or adopted: The motion to adjourn passed.
  22. Law To pronounce an opinion, judgment, or sentence.
  23. Law To sit in adjudication.
  24. To be voided: Luckily the kidney stone passed before she had to be hospitalized.
  25. Sports To thrust or lunge in fencing.
  26. To go by without stopping; leave behind.
  27. To go by without paying attention to; disregard or ignore: If you pass the new photographs in the collection, you'll miss some outstanding ones.
  28. To fail to pay (a dividend).
  29. To go beyond; surpass: The inheritance passed my wildest dreams.
  30. To go across; go through: We passed the border into Mexico.
  31. To undergo (a trial or examination) with favorable results: She passed every test.
  32. To cause or allow to go through a trial, test, or examination successfully: The instructor passed all the candidates.
  33. To cause to move: We passed our hands over the fabric.
  34. To cause to move into a certain position: pass a ribbon around a package.
  35. To cause to move as part of a process: pass liquid through a filter.
  36. To cause to go by: The sergeant passed his troops before the general and halted them at the grandstand.
  37. Baseball To walk (a batter).
  38. To maneuver (the bull) by means of a pase in bullfighting.
  39. To allow to go by or elapse; spend: He passed his winter in Vermont.
  40. To allow to cross a barrier: The border guard passed the tourists.
  41. To cause to be transferred from one to another; circulate: They passed the news quickly.
  42. To hand over to someone else: Please pass the bread.
  43. Sports To transfer (a ball, for example) to a teammate, as by throwing.
  44. To cause to be accepted; circulate fraudulently: pass counterfeit money.
  45. Law To transfer title or ownership of.
  46. To discharge (body waste, for example); void.
  47. To approve; adopt: The legislature passed the bill.
  48. To be sanctioned, ratified, or approved by: The bill passed the House of Representatives.
  49. To pronounce; utter: pass judgment; pass sentence on an offender.
  50. The act of passing; passage.
  51. A way, such as a narrow gap between mountains, that affords passage around, over, or through a barrier. See Synonyms at way.
  52. A permit, ticket, or authorization to come and go at will.
  53. A free ticket entitling one to transportation or admisssion.
  54. Written leave of absence from military duty.
  55. A sweep or run, as by an aircraft, over or toward an area or target.
  56. A single complete cycle of operations, as by a machine or computer program.
  57. A condition or situation, often critical in nature; a predicament. See Synonyms at crisis.
  58. A sexual invitation or overture.
  59. A motion of the hand or the waving of a wand.
  60. Sports A transfer of a ball or puck between teammates.
  61. Sports A lunge or thrust in fencing.
  62. Baseball A base on balls.
  63. Sports & Games A refusal to bid, draw, bet, compete, or play.
  64. Games A winning throw of the dice in craps.
  65. A pase in bullfighting.
  66. pass away To pass out of existence; end.
  67. pass away To die.
  68. pass for To be accepted as or believed to be: You could pass for a teenager. The fake painting passed for an original.
  69. pass off To offer, sell, or put into circulation (an imitation) as genuine: pass off glass as a gemstone.
  70. pass off To present (one's self) as other than what one is: tried to pass himself off as a banker.
  71. pass out To lose consciousness.
  72. pass over To leave out; disregard.
  73. pass up Informal To let go by; reject: pass up a chance for promotion; an opportunity too good to pass up.
  74. bring to pass To cause to happen.
  75. come to pass To occur.
  76. pass muster To pass an examination or inspection; measure up to a given standard.
  77. pass (one's) lips To be eaten or drunk.
  78. pass (one's) lips To issue or be spoken: Rumors never passed her lips.
  79. pass the hat To take up a collection of money.
  80. pass the time of day To exchange greetings or engage in pleasantries.
  81. pass the torch To relinquish (responsibilities, for example) to another or others.

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× മാറിപ്പോകുക - Maarippokuka | Marippokuka
× നിയമമാക്കുക - Niyamamaakkuka | Niyamamakkuka
× പരീക്ഷാവിജയം - Pareekshaavijayam | Pareekshavijayam
× കടത്തുക - Kadaththuka | Kadathuka
× a mountain pass 1. ചുരക്കണ്ടി    2. ചുരം - a Mountain Pass 1. Churakkandi    2. Churam
× കടത്തിവിടുക - Kadaththividuka | Kadathividuka
× ചുരം - Churam
× to pass urine മുള്ളുക - to Pass Urine Mulluka
× നടപ്പാക്കുക - Nadappaakkuka | Nadappakkuka
× സ്വീകരിക്കപ്പെടുക - Sveekarikkappeduka | sweekarikkappeduka
× സ്വീകരിക്കുക - Sveekarikkuka | sweekarikkuka
× തരണം - Tharanam
× സ്ഥാനമാറ്റം ചെയ്യുക - Sthaanamaattam Cheyyuka | Sthanamattam Cheyyuka
× സമാധാനപ്പെടുത്തുക - Samaadhaanappeduththuka | Samadhanappeduthuka
× pass away 1. മണ്‍മറയുക    2. മരിക്കുക - pass Away 1. Man‍marayuka    2. Marikkuka
× മാറ്റംവരിക - Maattamvarika | Mattamvarika
× pass urine പെടുക്കുക - pass Urine Pedukkuka
× കൈമാറിവരുക - Kaimaarivaruka | Kaimarivaruka
× മതിയായതായി സ്വീകരിക്കുക - Mathiyaayathaayi Sveekarikkuka | Mathiyayathayi sweekarikkuka
× തീരുക - Theeruka
× വിജയം - Vijayam
× കടന്നുപോകാനുള്ള വഴി - Kadannupokaanulla Vazhi | Kadannupokanulla Vazhi
× pass-word അടയാളവാക്ക് - pass-word Adayaalavaakku | pass-word Adayalavakku
× വകവയ്‌ക്കാതിരിക്കുക - Vakavaykkaathirikkuka | Vakavaykkathirikkuka
× പാസപോര്‍ട്ട്‌ - Paasapor‍ttu | Pasapor‍ttu
× പാര്‍ലമെന്റിന്‍രെ അനുമതി കെട്ടുക - Paar‍lamentin‍re Anumathi Kettuka | Par‍lamentin‍re Anumathi Kettuka
× mountain pass 1. അകമല    2. മലയിടുക്ക്    3. മലമ്പാത - mountain Pass 1. Akamala    2. Malayidukku    3. Malampaatha | mountain Pass 1. Akamala    2. Malayidukku    3. Malampatha
× പന്തുകളിയിലെ പാസ് (പന്തു കൈമാറ്റം) - Panthukaliyile Paasu (panthu Kaimaattam) | Panthukaliyile Pasu (panthu Kaimattam)
× ജയം പ്രാപിക്കുക - Jayam Praapikkuka | Jayam Prapikkuka
× pass judgement 1. തീര്‍പ്പുകല്പിക്കുക    2. വിധിക്കുക - pass Judgement 1. Theer‍ppukalpikkuka    2. Vidhikkuka
× കൈമാറിവരിക - Kaimaarivarika | Kaimarivarika
× തൃപ്‌തികരമാക്കുക - Thrupthikaramaakkuka | Thrupthikaramakkuka
× അതെന്റെ ധാരണാശക്തിക്കപ്പുറത്താണ്‌ - Athente Dhaaranaashakthikkappuraththaanu | Athente Dharanashakthikkappurathanu
× കടത്തികൊണ്ടു പോകുക - Kadaththikondu Pokuka | Kadathikondu Pokuka
× time pass യാപ്യം - time Pass Yaapyam | time Pass Yapyam
× നാണ്യമാകുക - Naanyamaakuka | Nanyamakuka
× പ്രാസസിംഗിലെ ഒരു പ്രധാന ഘട്ടം - Praasasimgile Oru Pradhaana Ghattam | Prasasimgile Oru Pradhana Ghattam
× കടത്തിവുടിക - Kadaththivudika | Kadathivudika
× അവസരം നഷ്‌ടപ്പെടുത്തുക - Avasaram Nashdappeduththuka | Avasaram Nashdappeduthuka
× കടത്തിക്കൊണ്ടു പോകുക - Kadaththikkondu Pokuka | Kadathikkondu Pokuka
× pass from one to another സംക്രമിക്കുക - pass From One To Another Samkramikkuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Numbers 10:11

Now it came to pass on the twentieth day of the second month, in the second year, that the cloud was taken up from above the tabernacle of the Testimony.

അനന്തരം രണ്ടാം സംവത്സരം രണ്ടാം മാസം ഇരുപതാം തിയ്യതി മേഘം സാക്ഷ്യനിവാസത്തിന്മേൽനിന്നു പൊങ്ങി.

Jeremiah 36:9

Now it came to pass in the fifth year of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah, king of Judah, in the ninth month, that they proclaimed a fast before the LORD to all the people in Jerusalem, and to all the people who came from the cities of Judah to Jerusalem.

യോശീയാവിന്റെ മകനായി യെഹൂദാരാജാവായ യെഹോയാക്കീമിന്റെ അഞ്ചാം ആണ്ടിൽ, ഒമ്പതാം മാസത്തിൽ, അവർ യെരൂശലേമിലെ സകല ജനത്തിന്നും യെഹൂദാപട്ടണങ്ങളിൽനിന്നു യെരൂശലേമിൽ വന്ന സകലജനത്തിന്നും യഹോവയുടെ മുമ്പാകെ ഒരു ഉപവാസം പ്രസിദ്ധമാക്കി,

Exodus 15:16

Fear and dread will fall on them; By the greatness of Your arm They will be as still as a stone, Till Your people pass over, O LORD, Till the people pass over Whom You have purchased.

ഭയവും ഭീതിയും അവരുടെമേൽ വീണു, നിൻ ഭുജമാഹാത്മ്യത്താൽ അവർ കല്ലുപോലെ ആയി; അങ്ങനെ, യഹോവേ, നിന്റെ ജനം കടന്നു, നീ സമ്പാദിച്ച ജനം കടന്നു പോയി.


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