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A ridge.

  1. To provide with a harness or equipment; fit out.
  2. Nautical To equip (a ship) with sails, shrouds, and yards.
  3. Nautical To fit (sails or shrouds, for example) to masts and yards.
  4. Informal To dress, clothe, or adorn: The costumer rigged out the actors in peasant clothing.
  5. To make or construct in haste or in a makeshift manner: rig up a tent for the night.
  6. To manipulate dishonestly for personal gain: rig a prizefight; rig stock prices.
  7. Nautical The arrangement of masts, spars, and sails on a sailing vessel.
  8. Special equipment or gear used for a particular purpose.
  9. A truck or tractor.
  10. A tractor-trailer.
  11. A vehicle with one or more horses harnessed to it.
  12. The special apparatus used for drilling oil wells.
  13. Western U.S. See saddle.
  14. Informal A costume or an outfit: wore an outlandish rig to the office.
  15. Fishing tackle.

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× വിമാനഭാഗങ്ങള്‍ വേണ്ടവിധം സജ്ജീകരിക്കുക - Vimaanabhaagangal‍ Vendavidham Sajjeekarikkuka | Vimanabhagangal‍ Vendavidham Sajjeekarikkuka
× വഞ്ചന - Vanchana
× സാമഗ്രി - Saamagri | Samagri
× ചമയുക - Chamayuka
× ചമയം - Chamayam
× കപടം - Kapadam
× ആഭാസന്‍ - Aabhaasan‍ | abhasan‍
× ദുരുദ്ദേശത്തോടെ കൃത്രിമപ്പണി ചെയ്യുക - Dhuruddheshaththode Kruthrimappani Cheyyuka | Dhurudheshathode Kruthrimappani Cheyyuka
× അഭിപ്രായഭിന്നത - Abhipraayabhinnatha | Abhiprayabhinnatha
× വേഷം - Vesham
× വികൃതിത്തരം - Vikruthiththaram | Vikruthitharam
× നൗകോപകരണങ്ങള്‍ - Naukopakaranangal‍ | Noukopakaranangal‍


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