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A drop of the limpid, saline fluid secreted, normally in small amount, by the lachrymal gland, and diffused between the eye and the eyelids to moisten the parts and facilitate their motion. Ordinarily the secretion passes through the lachrymal duct into the nose, but when it is increased by emotion or other causes, it overflows the lids.

  1. To pull apart or into pieces by force; rend.
  2. To make (an opening) by ripping: tore a hole in my stocking.
  3. To lacerate (the skin, for example).
  4. To separate forcefully; wrench: tore the wrappings off the present.
  5. To divide or disrupt: was torn between opposing choices; a country that was torn by strife.
  6. To become torn.
  7. To move with heedless speed; rush headlong.
  8. The act of tearing.
  9. The result of tearing; a rip or rent.
  10. A great rush; a hurry.
  11. Slang A carousal; a spree.
  12. tear around Informal To move about in excited, often angry haste.
  13. tear around Informal To lead a wild life.
  14. tear at To pull at or attack violently: The dog tore at the meat.
  15. tear at To distress greatly: Their plight tore at his heart.
  16. tear away To remove (oneself, for example) unwillingly or reluctantly.
  17. tear down To demolish: tear down old tenements.
  18. tear down To take apart; disassemble: tear down an engine.
  19. tear down To vilify or denigrate.
  20. tear into To attack with great vigor or violence: tore into the food; tore into his opponent.
  21. tear off Informal To produce hurriedly and casually: tearing off article after news article.
  22. tear up To tear to pieces.
  23. tear up To make an opening in: tore up the sidewalk to add a drain.
  24. tear (one's) hair To be greatly upset or distressed.
  25. A drop of the clear salty liquid that is secreted by the lachrymal gland of the eye to lubricate the surface between the eyeball and eyelid and to wash away irritants.
  26. A profusion of this liquid spilling from the eyes and wetting the cheeks, especially as an expression of emotion.
  27. The act of weeping: criticism that left me in tears.
  28. A drop of a liquid or hardened fluid.
  29. To fill with tears.

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× നേത്രാംബു - Nethraambu | Nethrambu
× അശ്രം - Ashram
× ലോതം - Lotham
× ദൃഗ്ജലം - Dhrugjalam
× നീര്‍ത്തുളളി - Neer‍ththulali | Neer‍thulali
× ലേതം - Letham
× നേത്രജ - Nethraja
× കീറൽ - Keeral
× ചീന്ത് - Cheenthu
× വേര്‍പെടുത്തുക - Ver‍peduththuka | Ver‍peduthuka
× ബാഷ്പം - Baashpam | Bashpam
× കീറുക - Keeruka
× ആശ്രം - Aashram | ashram
× ബാഷ്പാംബു - Baashpaambu | Bashpambu
× ആസ്രം - Aasram | asram
× ലോചം - Locham
× സങ്കടം - Sankadam
× രോദനം - Rodhanam
× പിച്ചിപ്പറിക്കുകപറിച്ചുമാറ്റിയ തുണ്ട് - Pichipparikkukaparichumaattiya Thundu | Pichipparikkukaparichumattiya Thundu
× കുതരുക - Kutharuka
× ദുഃഖം - Dhuakham
× വിലോചനാംബു - Vilochanaambu | Vilochanambu


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Zechariah 11:16

For indeed I will raise up a shepherd in the land who will not care for those who are cut off, nor seek the young, nor heal those that are broken, nor feed those that still stand. But he will eat the flesh of the fat and tear their hooves in pieces.

ഞാൻ ദേശത്തിൽ ഒരു ഇടയനെ എഴുന്നേല്പിക്കും; അവൻ കാണാതെപോയവയെ നോക്കുകയോ ചിതറിപ്പോയവയെ അന്വേഷിക്കയോ മുറിവേറ്റവയെ പൊറുപ്പിക്കയോ ദീനമില്ലാത്തവയെ പോറ്റുകയോ ചെയ്യാതെ തടിച്ചവയുടെ മാംസം തിന്നുകയും കുളമ്പുകളെ കീറിക്കളകയും ചെയ്യും.

Psalms 17:12

As a lion is eager to tear his prey, And like a young lion lurking in secret places.

കടിച്ചുകീറുവാൻ കൊതിക്കുന്ന സിംഹംപോലെയും മറവിടങ്ങളിൽ പതിയിരിക്കുന്ന ബാലസിംഹംപോലെയും തന്നേ.

Ezekiel 13:11

say to those who plaster it with untempered mortar, that it will fall. There will be flooding rain, and you, O great hailstones, shall fall; and a stormy wind shall tear it down.

അടന്നു വീഴുംവണ്ണം കുമ്മായം പൂശുന്നവരോടു നീ പറയേണ്ടതു: പെരുമഴ ചൊരിയും; ഞാൻ ആലിപ്പഴം പൊഴിയിച്ചു കൊടുങ്കാറ്റടിപ്പിക്കും.


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