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A knot; a fastening.

  1. To fasten or secure with or as if with a cord, rope, or strap: tied the kite to a post; tie up a bundle.
  2. To fasten by drawing together the parts or sides and knotting with strings or laces: tied her shoes.
  3. To make by fastening ends or parts: tie a knot.
  4. To put a knot or bow in: tie a neck scarf.
  5. To confine or restrict as if with cord: duties that tied him to the office.
  6. To bring together in relationship; connect or unite: friends who were tied by common interests; people who are tied by blood or marriage.
  7. To equal (an opponent or an opponent's score) in a contest.
  8. To equal an opponent's score in (a contest): tied the game with minutes remaining.
  9. Music To join (notes) by a tie.
  10. To be fastened or attached: The apron ties at the back.
  11. To achieve equal scores in a contest.
  12. A cord, string, or other means by which something is tied.
  13. Something that connects or unites; a link: a blood tie; marital ties.
  14. A necktie.
  15. A beam or rod that joins parts and gives support.
  16. One of the beams, usually made of wood, that are laid across a railroad bed to secure the rails.
  17. An equality of scores, votes, or performance in a contest: The election ended in a tie.
  18. A contest so resulting; a draw.
  19. Music A curved line above or below two notes of the same pitch, indicating that the tone is to be sustained for their combined duration.
  20. tie in To bring into or have a close or effective relation; connect or coordinate: two events that do not tie in; tying the movie promotion in with the book sales.
  21. tie into To attack energetically.
  22. tie up Nautical To secure or be secured to a shore or pier; dock.
  23. tie up To impede the progress of; block: The accident tied up traffic.
  24. tie up To keep occupied; engage: She was tied up in a meeting all morning. The phone was tied up for an hour.
  25. tie up To place (funds) so as to make inaccessible for other uses: tied up her cash in long-term investments.
  26. tie one on Slang To become intoxicated; go on a drinking spree.
  27. tie the knot Slang To get married.
  28. tie the knot Slang To perform a marriage ceremony.

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× കടമ - Kadama
× തള - Thala
× ബന്ധനം - Bandhanam
× കേശഭാരം - Keshabhaaram | Keshabharam
× കെട്ടുന്ന പാശം - Kettunna Paasham | Kettunna Pasham
× കഴുത്തില്‍ ധരിക്കുന്ന ടൈ - Kazhuththil‍ Dharikkunna Dai | Kazhuthil‍ Dharikkunna Dai
× കളിയില്‍ മറ്റൊരാളിന് സമമാകുക - Kaliyil‍ Mattoraalinu Samamaakuka | Kaliyil‍ Mattoralinu Samamakuka
× ബന്ധകം - Bandhakam
× ടൈ - Dai
× ബന്ധമുണ്ടായിരിക്കുക - Bandhamundaayirikkuka | Bandhamundayirikkuka
× തുലാം - Thulaam | Thulam
× കളിയിൽ മറ്റൊരാളിന് സമമാകുക - Kaliyil Mattoraalinu Samamaakuka | Kaliyil Mattoralinu Samamakuka
× ഇരുഭാഗവും തുല്യമായിരിക്കല്‍ - Irubhaagavum Thulyamaayirikkal‍ | Irubhagavum Thulyamayirikkal‍
× ബന്ധം - Bandham
× ചുമതല - Chumathala
× ഇരുഭാഗവും സമമായിരിക്കുക - Irubhaagavum Samamaayirikkuka | Irubhagavum Samamayirikkuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Proverbs 6:21

Bind them continually upon your heart; tie them around your neck.

അതു എല്ലായ്പോഴും നിന്റെ ഹൃദയത്തോടു ബന്ധിച്ചുകൊൾക; നിന്റെ കഴുത്തിൽ അതു കെട്ടിക്കൊൾക.

Judges 15:13

So they spoke to him, saying, "No, but we will tie you securely and deliver you into their hand; but we will surely not kill you." And they bound him with two new ropes and brought him up from the rock.

അവർ അവനോടു: ഇല്ല; ഞങ്ങൾ നിന്നെ കൊല്ലുകയില്ല; നിന്നെ പിടിച്ചുകെട്ടി അവരുടെ കയ്യിൽ ഏല്പിക്കേയുള്ളു എന്നു പറഞ്ഞു. അങ്ങനെ അവർ രണ്ടു പുതിയ കയർകൊണ്ടു അവനെ കെട്ടി പാറയിൽനിന്നു കൊണ്ടുപോയി.

Jeremiah 51:63

Now it shall be, when you have finished reading this book, that you shall tie a stone to it and throw it out into the Euphrates.

പിന്നെ ഈ പുസ്തകം വായിച്ചശേഷം നീ അതിന്നു ഒരു കല്ലു കെട്ടി ഫ്രാത്തിന്റെ നടുവിലേക്കു എറിഞ്ഞു;


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